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RISA Showcase & Booking Opportunity Process
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Monday, 07 January 2013
Written by Jenn Armstrong

RISA Showcase & Booking Opportunity Process:

We’re always looking for opportunities to provide members to perform their original music.

The best opportunity is a songwriter showcase, but it takes two ingredients: a venue and a host.

A venue can be a:
 •Coffee House
 •Fraternal Organization
 •Church Group
 •Municipal Arts Council


A good venue for RISA generally has:
 •Adequate performance space
 •Decent acoustics & lighting
 •Recognized, established venue
 •Workable layout
 •A listening audience looking for something more than a cover song bar band
 •Music is an important part of the customer experience
 •Enthusiastic owner participates in Series Promotion
 •Sound system


If you have performed at or are aware of a venue that meets these criteria, please let us know. Recommend the venue to the RISA board, and we’ll evaluate the suggestion and get back to you. Or even accompany you to the venue for a more detailed discussion

Next, and equally important, is the host. Being a Songwriter series host is fun, but it’s work too.


Here’s a list of Host duties and requirements:



 •RISA Member,
 •Approved as Host by RISA Board
 •Experienced performer
 •Knowledge of venues/area
 •Manage Series Promo (external & to RISA Membership)
 •Post shows on RISA website
 •Prime communicator with players/venue - easy access/response
 •Book Performers
 •Provide directions and gig details to players
 •Occasional value-added Guest at Host's discretion is OK
 •Set-up/Break down
 •Sound savvy - Run sound check
 •Master of Ceremonies - Intro/bio players
 •Promote RISA onstage - Membership materials on hand
 •Provide/Promote CD Sales Area
 •Co-hosts permitted
 •Host may perform each session


Once again, If you want to be a host and know of an appropriate venue, let us know.

Now for the tough part. Who do you book? Here the requirements of the venue and the
fit and qualifications of performers come into play. Because performers are representing RISA, qualifications are important. Many times venue management plays a role in performer selection. This criteria is used for a RISA Showcase series or an individual  RISA show.


The optimum criteria for RISA performer selection are:
 •Current membership
 •Up to date and complete RISA profile including Photo
 •Credible online presence. Full website with Bio, Press photo, music samples, YouTube Videos, schedule is the best. Minimum requirement Reverb Nation page. Facebook page not acceptable.
 •Ability to draw audience
 •Venue Fit/Venue request
 •Performance Experience
 •Promotional skills
 •Attendance at RISA events
 •Support other RISA members
 •Contribution to organization
 •One off or series

Some performers meet all or most of the criteria. Anyone can improve their chances by
meeting more criteria categories.


The key is to communicate with us. Be on the lookout for an opportunity & tell us.
Contact any of us on the Contact page with details.


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