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Critique sessions rotate among the members houses. Several members regularly host the critiques. They are generally held on the 3rd or 4th Thursday of each month, and begin at 7:30pm. There is no charge for members to attend. It is a comfortable atmosphere to try out new material. Snacks and beverages are either provided by the host or are brought by the members.

The monthly critique dates are made available through the weekly e-mails and on this WEB PAGE.  Critique dates and detaiks also appear on our RISA Event Calendar page.


The critiques are done using the SALSA METHOD - MILD - Light critique... MEDIUM - A bit more critical... SPICY - "Give it to me, baby!"  You choose!

Please bring:
~ your instrument (usually a guitar or something small)
~ or a pre-recorded tape or Compact Disc (boom box is available).
~10-12 copies of your lyrics clearly typed out.

Date Title Venue City State
09.16.2015 - 09.16.2015
September Critique - - -
10.15.2015 - 10.15.2015
October Critique - - -