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Getting To Know Brad

The RISA board of directors is a small group of musicians and music lovers who are responsible for keeping the RISA name synonymous with excellent songwriters and events for those who want to improve their craft of writing music. If you've come to any RISA event, you have inevitably met a board member! While you may have seen us in passing, our goal for this blog series is for you to get to know us better! After all, we are here to serve you as a member.

Brad Thibodeaux is on the board serving as the head of marketing and membership.

How did you get started in music?

Me and *some* of the fam.

I grew up in a very musical family. My mom has her bachelors in flute performance and is a classically trained soprano. My dad plays trombone in a jazz band based in CT and all of my siblings are musically gifted, with degrees in performance and regularly performing in orchestras and theatre. I was always encouraged to learn an instrument and was supported throughout the early stages of my career.

Ark of the Covenant Album Release 2013

I started playing brass instruments like trumpet and french horn in middle and high school band and orchestra. I picked up the bass guitar at the age of 13 so I could join a punk rock band my friend was starting. I moved to the guitar in high school and would practice for hours a day learning progressive rock and neo-classical music. At the end of my senior year I joined a heavy metal band based in Bridgeport, CT called Ark of the Covenant and toured the country and Canada off and on for the next 6 years. The band broke up in 2014 and I returned home to Rhode Island and opened a recording studio called Auburn Recording Studios. I also started studying at Berklee College of Music for Music Production.

The Copacetics

I currently play bass in the Providence based ska and reggae group The Copacetics, Caribbean trio Panoramic View, freelance musician in musical theatre pit orchestras, solo post-rock artist, and run Auburn Audio.

When did you join RISA?

I joined RISA when I came back to RI in 2014. I was not an active member until recently because I thought the organization was just for singer songwriters. I met several RISA members through running my studio and wanted to be a part of the music writing community. Over the last couple years I have jumped in with both feet and have learned so much from meeting the people who are a part of RISA.

RISA at PVD Fest 2019

When and why did you become part of the board?

I joined the board in 2018 as the marketing director. There was some turnover in the board and they were looking for a younger voice. I was excited to join the board of RISA because of the amazing history and the goal of teaching songwriters how to improve their work. As a producer in a studio setting, I had found that songwriters wanted to get the most out of their songs and were open to suggestions. Being a part of RISA seemed like a great way to help other songwriters on a larger scale.

What is your favorite part of the RISA organization?

I love the community that RISA has developed. As someone who was not very involved, getting to know everyone in the organization and how close everyone was to each other made it feel like a large family. Going to showcases and events was like going to a family reunion with amazing music! I also hosted a song critique and found those who came to be very talented and excited to hear other's perspectives on their songs. I received feedback on my own song that was invaluable!

Our funny little family!

What do you like to do outside of music?

I love to read books on philosophy and religion. I have been reading more biographies and autobiographies of people who inspire me as well. I am a huge Zelda fan and will ignore all other priorities when a new game is released! I am celebrating my 5 year anniversary with my wife Kayla in November and we are constantly entertained by our feisty orange cat Nellie.

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