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Start Your Showcase...

RISA is always looking for venues to showcase the original music of its talented members.


A RISA Songwriter's Showcase can be a unique kind of live music experience for your patrons or organization. We would be happy to meet with you to explore the possibilities.

Our experience holding successful showcases throughout Southeastern New England, allows us to tailor a series of shows specifically for your location and audience. Showcases offer your patrons or organization a fresh alternative to cover music and an insight into the songwriting process. What's more, the artists chosen are typically veteran performers, so it's an entertaining show.


We have a stable of over 100 published area songwriters to draw from, whose original music is copyrighted and performed by its author, so you don't have to worry about copyright laws or venue performance licensing fee issues.


We've also developed showcase formats as well as promotional and performance resources to help insure as successful music experience. Feel free to browse through this section of the site to explore:


1. Venue Overview

2. Typical Showcase Package: services available to venues

3. Venue Marketing Tools

- Lobby Poster

Typical Showcase press release

4. RISA Performance Guidelines for Venues, Players & Hosts


For more information please email:

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