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What Can I Do Before Going Into The Studio?

If you've recorded your music before, you know the studio environment can be intimidating. Whether listening to your performance on headphones or going through multiple takes, it can feel very unnatural. My goal as an engineer has always been to help musicians have better studio session, and through the years working with multiple genres, I have found that these tips are beneficial no matter your style!

1. Practice Your Songs. A Lot!

Make sure you know your songs! This may seem silly since often you are recording songs that you have been playing for awhile, but each live performance is a little different. Make sure you know the roadmap of your song so you're not making arrangement decisions on the clock!

2. Bring A Lyric Sheet With Chords.

Example of a lyric sheet with producer notes.

An engineer will want to see your song in writing. This can help them reference points in your song easier. If you have a producer, or if your engineer is producing your song, they can use this to help you fine tune your message and bring out the best version of your song.

3. Have Your Instrument Set Up And Ready To Go.

Buzzing strings and dead spots on the neck will kill a session. I know because it happens all the time! The studio requires a level of attention that can go unnoticed in a live setting. Spending a little money to make sure your instrument plays the way it should is a small investment compared to them money you're spending on the project!

The goal of any recording session is to capture your art and your energy to share with your audience. With these tips, I hope you can get one step closer to being prepared for your next recording studio experience!

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